Matt Dyor

Hello. My name is Matt Dyor. I am passionate about data, startups, intellectual property, and the intersection of these domains. I am a life-long learner, and I hope that I am not as smart today as I will be tomorrow. I have explored a number of different jobs and roles (check out the details below!), but my favorite job in the universe is helping businesses with transformational growth.


My Background

I recently wrapped up 2 years of building my own startup called Payboard. You can read a little bit about that story in my post about the Simplified Startup Framework called CP-Squared. Prior to Payboard, I was the managing director of the Microsoft Accelerator – an awesome program put together by Microsoft and Techstars. I spent a few years at Microsoft trying to figure out how startups fit into the Fortune 500. Before Microsoft, I was a professional application developer creating web applications for the United States Marine Corps (as a contractor). I was a patent attorney during the dot com boom, an Infantry Officer where I got to jump out of planes and go to ranger school (3 times!), and a bus driver for a rafting company.