Building Native Apps with Flutter

I have a Windows machine (and a Linux machine) and an iPhone. This combination left me with no ability to build native mobile apps. I considered buying a Mac, but I figured that would be a bit expensive…and I already have too many laptops floating around.

So I decided to go with Andoid + Windows route, and chose Flutter so that I would be able to (eventually) deploy the app to my iPhone at some point in the future. Here are some notes of how I got up and running:

  1. Start with the Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp for $10 – great overview of installation process which by itself is worth it.
  2. Install Flutter SDK and Android Studio using the Flutter install notes.
  3. Purchase an LG K8 unactivated / unlocked phone for ~$100 after taxes (that means no monthly charges from a carrier / 1 time fee).
    1. If you got with the K8, you will need to follow the very specific instructions in the tutorial + (not in the documents/tutorial) you will need to install the LG drivers.

I started thinking about going this route (of Android + Flutter + Windows) yesterday, and it took me about 5 hours to get everything plumbed right (that includes a trip to Best Buy). If I would have known to install those drivers, I would have shaved a couple of hours off my time. Most of that time will be spent just waiting for downloads. So for $110, you can be up and running as a Native app developer (or is that Flutter Native :).



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