Creating an LLC in Washington State

It is usually a good idea to set up a legal entity when you are embarking on a new business venture. But, you have a million things to do, so this gets tacked on to the list – usually a bit near the bottom because you think it is going to take a long time.

Instead of adding this to your to-do list, just spend ten minutes knocking it out. Here is how:

  1. Create an account at (chose User Account > Individual)
  2. Create or register a business
  3. Select WA LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (there are a lot of options…so spend weeks learning about those differences, or just chose LLC).
  4. Defer initial report for 120 days. Add a reminder to your calendar for 3 months out so you do not forget!
  5. Specify yourself as the executor and authorized person.
  6. Chose a name with LLC in it (e.g., RANDOM STUFF LLC – that is the LLC that Oliver and I set up to license PuttMate) – you may never even use this business name (you can operate under a “DBA” or doing business as, so do not spend time/energy worry about it).
  7. Pay $200
  8. Get a FEIN (Federal Employer ID Number…basically the SSN of your business)
    1. In honor of the 1990s, the FEIN website is only open Monday – Friday, 7AM – 10PM eastern time, so tough luck you weekend warriors!
  9. Complete a Business License Application > (note: you will need your SSN as well as the SSN of any of your partners).
  10. Pay $20

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