Visualizing Sports League Standings

I have been thinking about a new visualization for sports league standings. Something that you could use to see teams on the ascent, and teams on their way down. Ideally, this would include all of the teams in a league, but since it takes a bit of time for me to prepare the data, I figured I would start by sharing the a micro-set of data, seeing whether this visualization already exists somewhere, and, if not, whether you find the visualization intriguing.
MLS Standinds

If you click on the image, you can download the Excel spreadsheet that I used to create the chart.

What you are seeing is the 2016 season of wins and losses for the Seattle Sounders (red) and the Portland Timbers (orange). A win is worth +1, a loss is worth -1, and a tie is worth 0. For the first game, you see that the Sounders lose and the Timbers win.

Some interesting things jump out from this visualization: the teams are in a dead heat from games 8 to 13, the Timbers are on top for most of the rest of the season, and around game 25 the Sounders are in the toilet. But, you have to get hot at the right time, and that is exactly what the Sounders did: advancing from -4 to +1 over the course of the last 9 games.

Let me know what you think.



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